About Us

Our Mission

Boulder DIVAS Cycling is a Boulder, Colorado club for athletic women who share a passion for cycling. The club provides a fun, supportive, and social environment for riding together, meeting new people, and doing more on your bike. While diverse in age, interests, and abilities, we share a love of adventure and challenge. We support improving bike skills and participating in all types of cycling.  We believe in the friendships fostered on two wheels.

Our activities

While cycling is what brings us together the most, we do much more than just ride our bikes.  We have regular social gatherings and host a variety of clinics ranging from bike maintenance to bike handling skills.  We also do out of town biking trips.  One of our most popular events is our annual Spring Training Camp.  It’s a great time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones over a long weekend of riding and socializing.  We also have an end of the year party every fall.

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What are DIVA's rides like?

Boulder DIVAS cycling supports a wide range of strong riders, with many different goals, including racing, fitness, triathlon, ultra-distance, recreation, touring, and social. While many of our programs focus on road cycling, that’s not all we do. Many DIVAS also love to gravel ride and mountain bike. Most of all, we love to challenge ourselves!

Our road rides typically average 14-16 mph and very in length. Our club rides  help DIVAS connect with other members with similar speeds and interests. 

Am I fast enough for the DIVAS? Will I get dropped?

Our club rides are typically social and non-competitive. We regroup periodically and don’t abandon anyone on the road. The pace and goals of our more informal  rides, organized by members, are set by the ride leader. If you find yourself mismatched with a group, we’ll talk.

If you’d like to check us out before joining, contact boulderdivascycling@gmail.com  and we can let you know when our upcoming rides are scheduled.

While some of us are speedy and others go long, DIVAS in general are experienced, self-reliant cyclists. If you are a beginner cyclist you might want to check out the Venus Bike Club in Boulder. They are supportive of novice riders and have a no-drop ride policy. 


Can I try riding with the DIVAS before I join?

Absolutely!   Please email us at boulderdivascycling@gmail.com.

You are welcome to ride up to three rides with us, and after that if you are enjoying the rides and the members, we ask that you please join the club.

All rides (road, gravel, mountain) are led by our members and all intermediate and advanced female-identifying cyclists are welcome. Come ride with us!